Shamanic Inner Body Healing


Accessing the wisdom of your body and spirit for healing trauma, problematic patterns, chronic illness and pain.

Spirit Passages’ Shamanic Inner Body Healing™ is a form of healing developed by Evelyn C. Rysdyk and C. Allie Knowlton, MSW, LCSW, DCSW. This unique method evolved as a tool to access the wisdom and healing that is locked away inside of your being.  Whatever the issue–physical, emotional, or spiritual–often times the most valuable pieces in your healing puzzle is seemingly “missing.”  You may have done traditional psychotherapeutic work, received shamanic healing, taken medication, learned how to meditate, and kept a dream journal yet still don’t  feel “whole.”  You may have become discouraged or even despondent at your “lack of progress.”  It is in these situations Spirit Passages’ Shamanic Inner Body Healing™ work can be most useful.

This practice is based on several key principles.  The first is the idea that all healing is a process.  All of nature follows this paradigm–the seasons, the weather, the many rhythms of life are all in constant movement. Natural ebbs and surges are normal and expected. More importantly, processes are never complete. Unlike the goal-centered model that contemporary culture seems to ascribe to, a process model offers permission to focus on the present time. You have the freedom to savor sensations, ruminate over imagery and browse through what your mind may have judged as irrelevant details which are, in actual fact, often the treasure of your life.

A foundation of the work is realizing that your symptoms are not the enemy, but instead are signposts which show you where you need to focus your attention and energy. Spirit Passages’ Shamanic Inner Body Healing™ is one way to access the imagery, sensations and memories which can provide, not only immediate information for healing but also reveal the next steps in your unfolding life process.

Another important key to this work is the understanding that your body is a manifestation of your divine spirit which is not limited by either time or space. While your spirit is what shapes and infuses your physical being, your body also shapes how your spirit can manifest itself. As a result of this interplay, your physical body can function as a portal into a spiritual realm of wholeness and balance.

During Spirit Passages’ Shamanic Inner Body Healing™, your own being acts as a doorway to wisdom which is unlimited by the restrictions built by the conscious mind or the personality.  It is a open-ended inquiry process that takes place in the sacred inner landscape. Shamanic realms exist both inside and around your physical body. As a result, you can be supported on a journey into your inner shamanic realm to heal traumas and the resulting misperceptions that may be unreachable using other methods. This process has been successful in healing people from traumas, limiting beliefs or wounds sustained in utero or during preverbal infancy, to identify and eliminate unconscious, familial and generational patterns, and to heal unresolved issues that have their roots in a past life.

During the course of a session, traditional shamanic healing methods may be used to release a possession, retrieve a soul fragment or bring back a power animal for an aspect of your self, to heal a past life experience or to release your from curses, addictions or a familial dysfunctional pattern. The entire process is witnessed and “midwifed” by the practitioner who asks questions to help you find your own interpretation for sensations, images and feelings. Since the information arises from within you, each healing unfolds with a rhythm and pace that is safe and uniquely suited to you.

The method is also effective for negotiating better outcomes for surgery and  invasive medical procedures by supporting your body to better accept and work in concert with the intervention, thereby reducing the potential for traumatization.

Evelyn and Allie also use this method as a tool to assist some of their clients in more fully assimilating their soul retrieval. This is particularly useful in situations where aspects of the self that remained during traumatic situations require more support to accept and integrate the healing brought by the returned essences.

The specifics of your healing are always guided by Evelyn and Allie’s helping and healing spirits. For this reason, they always journey on your behalf prior to your healing to determine what work would be most beneficial.

Special note: If you are about to schedule a surgical procedure, contact us about getting one of our customized audio recordings that can be listened to while you are under anesthesia. These shamanic recordings are very effective for reducing a surgery’s traumatic effects on the spirit, body and unconscious mind. 

(We are developing a Spirit Passages’ Shamanic Inner Body Healing™ certification program for individuals who are trained in both shamanic healing methods and are practicing psychotherapy. Please contact them for more details.)

To book your session, please call our appointment line: 207-714-0111.

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