Shamanic Counseling

Bringing the resources of spirit to your life challenges

Shamanic Counseling uses the guidance of the spirit world and your own inner wisdom to solve life’s challenges. Through using the shamanic journey, guided imagery and Spirit Passages’ Shamanic Inner Body Healing, it is possible to work through persistent, unbeneficial patterns in your life that you have addressed with other methods without success. Your teachers and guides take an active role in shamanic counseling while Evelyn and Allie function as your earth-plane guides through the process.

Shamanic Inner Body Healing may also be used during a part of a Shamanic Counseling session to help release stubborn blocks, unconscious patterns and access the wisdom and healing that is locked away inside of your being.  Whatever the issue–physical, emotional, or spiritual–Shamanic Inner Body Healing can be useful in resolving even chronic problems.

Shamanic counseling is an excellent adjunct to traditional psychotherapy. If you choose to sign a release, Evelyn and Allie can also communicate directly with your other providers.

Shamanic Counseling sessions may be booked weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to provide you with consistent, ongoing support.  This is particularly helpful during times of transition or to resolve the effects of old trauma.

To book your session, please call our appointment line: 207-714-0111.


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