Past Life & Ancestral Healings

Clearing today’s suffering by healing past life or ancestral trauma

There may be instances when you feel that a particular issue, pain or pattern may have roots in a past life experience. It is possible that a trauma may have so profoundly impacted your soul that it carried the experience into this incarnation.

So too, a difficult life circumstance may have its roots in your ancestral line. Our families can pass down addictions, obsessions, and behavior patterns as easily as eye and hair color!

It is important to clear away any old burdens that interfere with you living a whole and splendid life. You can help clear away today’s suffering by working with Allie and Evelyn to heal your past life or ancestral trauma.

Evelyn or Allie assist this work through supported shamanic journeys or through Shamanic Inner Body Healing.

The specifics of your healing are always guided by Evelyn and Allie’s helping and healing spirits. For this reason, they always journey on your behalf prior to your healing to determine what work would be most beneficial.

To book your session, please call our appointment line: 207-714-0111.

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