Soul Retrieval

Restoring integrity to your life force and your personal power

From a shamanic perspective, the spirit of any living being may be wounded or partially lost from the effects of trauma, grief, injury or disease. You, as a part of this living web, can be affected in this same manner. In our culture when someone close to us dies, for instance, we may say that part of our soul went with them.  In the shamanic view, this is quite literally true. The shaman’s role is to search out the lost fragments of your self/soul and retrieve them safely back to you.  With this restoration of your life force, you are again able to move through your life on full power!

Some symptoms of soul loss can include:

  • Feelings of being “spacey”or ungrounded
  • Feeling “empty” or incomplete
  • Experiencing persistent, unbeneficial patterns in your life that you have addressed with other methods without success
  • Feeling as though you have a “hole” inside that can’t be filled
  • Chronic physical or emotional illness
  • Feeling a pervasive sense of insecurity, sadness or anxiety
  • Never feeling good enough
  • Difficulty in having fun or being playful
  • Feeling “stuck”

“I’m still soaking in all that happened during my amazing soul retrieval and remembering last week! My deepest thanks to both of you for that powerful and emotional experience!” -Merry K.

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