Extraction & Cleansing

Removing intrusive spiritual energies and influences

Since nature abhors a vacuum, free floating spiritual energy that is not your own may enter to fill the space left by the loss of your own spiritual energy.  These energies are fundamentally incompatible with you and compete for your life-force.

During an extraction, intrusive energies and influences are removed from your body. This is accomplished by Evelyn and Allie in a ceremony that is accompanied by their rattling and singing. The ceremony is performed while you are lying, fully clothed, on a massage table or sitting in a chair. Once the intrusive energies or entities are removed your vital energy is able to flow freely again.

In some cases, you may be experiencing the draining influence of a troublesome spirit or entity that has become attached to you. In these cases, a depossession will be performed to release the unwelcome spirit from in or around you and send it into the light. This is always done in an atmosphere of compassion.

As with other shamanic healing work, the specifics are always guided by Evelyn and Allie’s helping and healing spirits. For this reason, they always journey on your behalf prior to your healing to determine what work would be most beneficial.

To book your session, please call our appointment line: 207-714-0111.

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