Death, Dying and Beyond

Consultation, preparation and support for the final journey from this life

Shamanic practices can make your death or the death of a loved one more gentle.

Shamanic healing restores the spirit body’s integrity. When we leave this realm with an intact and whole soul, we are more likely to go more easily and completely into the light. Through shamanic journeying, it is possible for a dying person to meet a loving guide who will assist their transition.

Caregivers will find that learning to journey can help you to feel better prepared and able to assist the dying person without feeling overwhelmed. It is particularly reassuring to have your own spiritual support. Accessing your guides can help relieve fears and can offer you step-by-step support for the entire process.

It is also possible with shamanic methods to assist those who remain in this realm beyond the death of their body. Shamans believe that people who have recently died, especially under sudden and/or traumatic circumstances, are often confused and disoriented. A shaman can enter into a trance or journey state to find the wandering soul, and help direct the loved one to a safe place.

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