Booking Evelyn & Allie as Speakers

Evelyn and Allie are dynamic presenters who work with individuals and groups through seminars, conference presentations, corporate programs, media interviews and speaking engagements.

They are expert presenters on topics such as:

  • What is a shaman
  • How shamans heal
  • Northern European shamanic traditions
  • Spiritual ecology
  • Developing a personal spiritual practice
  • Rituals in daily life
  • Integrating shamanism with psychotherapy and traditional medicine
  • The power of human emotions to affect physical reality

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We’d love to discuss your project ideas! Please call us at: 207.846.6829 or email us at: to get started.

“How can I ever express the gratitude I hold for the teachings Evelyn and Allie have given me? My heart is full, I am full–full of blessings!” – Connie, M.